Mike Roberts 

Gospel Preacher

Cell: (254) 625-1217

Office: (432) 3534479

Mike is a retired cowboy and a graduate of the Brown Trail School of Preaching. He is the pulpit preacher for the Knott church of Christ in Knott, TX. He’s been an active member of the Lord’s body for roughly 49+ years, teaching Old and New Testament Bible Credit Courses since he was 17 years old to JH and HS students.

He has a BA in Biblical Studies, a BS in Management Communication, an MA in Biblical Education, an MS in Ministerial Leadership, an M Div in Ministerial Leadership, and a D Min in Ministerial Leadership. Presently, he is working on his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership.

Among other things, he’s hosted numerous home Bible studies and been a participant in many door-knocking campaigns throughout the years. He has preached in Gospel meetings and lectureships in Texas, Oklahoma, and South Africa. Mike is the liaison between Brown Trail School of Preaching and Cape Bible School in South Africa, where Mike teaches courses every year via Zoom and, when possible, in country. 

He’s been a part of several congregations across the Dallas/ Ft. Worth metroplex and Fairfield, Texas. Mike spent ten years as the pulpit preacher for the Porter church of Christ in Porter, Oklahoma. He has been the pulpit preacher at Knott, Texas, since June 25, 2023, and moved back to Texas with his family in June of 2023. He and Terri, his wife of 39 years, still own a cattle ranch in Teague, Texas, and have two grown children- Jessica is a teacher in Midland, and Roman is currently living in San Antonio, TX.